who we are

Hotel aravind

Hotel Aravind have been running Wayanda's (Sulthan Bathery) most successful Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Restaurant since 1983. Last 34 Years we are serving the best food for our customers. The cooking at the Aravind reflects the diverse cultural background in which we grew up, with our legacy of our grandfather's cuisines with traditional food. “It seemed perfectly natural that we should apply the same principles at the restaurant. The food we serve is the food of our childhood, modulated by French and Chines influences, with a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients. When we opened the Aravind, we knew that food was sacred and should be celebrated.”

At the restaurant we try to do just that: celebrate the food. This means, amongst other things, that we source our ingredients with care; we intensify flavour by careful cooking and by combining ingredients in unexpected ways. We try to make our dishes as visually pleasing as possible; and we try and do this in a fun and relaxed way.

Aravind’s menu is seasonally driven and changes according to what is fresh at the market. Every ingredient on the plate has a purpose which creates layers of flavor in each dish. Akhil Aravind believes in simplicity and letting the ingredients shine. “I like to keep things simple. Its really about sourcing ingredients and highlighting them” says Akhil.